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About Hamas on Campus was set up by a group of students and alumni

from different campuses across the USA and Canada. 

We represent both Jews and non-Jews, left and right,

liberal and conservative. We value freedom of speech,

women’s rights and human rights. For this reason

we are disturbed by the increasingly radical

behaviour and rhetoric by Hamas supporting

organizations on campus.


In particular, we are concerned

by the activities of the MSA

(Muslim Students Association)

and SJP (Students for Justice in

Palestine).  Both share anti-Israel

and anti-democratic values.  We are most concerned about

the SJP. It declares itself to be secular in nature but in fact, supports the values and deeds of Hamas. 

The SJP is financially connected to Hamas via a network of organizations including the MSA, CAIR and the AMP .


Please join us in exposing the SJP, also known as Hamas On Campus.


The Team

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